HYDROCAM®: Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners

HYDROCAM® hydraulic bolt tensioners

Bolted assemblies are the most commonly used connecting systems in mechanics.

Today it is known that of all the various causes of failure (overloading, design flaws, manufacturing defects, and others), the most frequent is improper assembly.

To ensure the optimum reliability of your bolted assemblies, it is essential to obtain the right level of tightening preload as well as the precise mean to achieve it. The right solution is to perform the bolt tightening with a hydraulic bolt tensioner On the strength of its experience in the area of hydraulic tightening, Pilgrim has developed a broad range of hydraulic bolt tensioners, both standard and customized :

  • Standard Bolt Tensioners
  • Customized Adapted Bolt Tensioners
  • Special Bolt Tensioners
  • Load sensor washers

A standard HYDROCAM® tensioner has a hydraulic body which, using a hydraulic fluid, exerts a strong tension load on the bolt through the brace screwed on that bolt. The body also rests on the skirt in order to apply the reaction force on the assembly to be tightened.

Main advantages of Pilgrim HYDROCAM® Bolt Tensioners:

  • No torsion stress in the bolt
  • High precision of tightening preload
  • Fast, safe and easy operation
  • Integrity and reliability of threads and bearing surfaces are maintained
  • Tightening and measuring operations can be partially or fully automated

Benefits of Pilgrim HYDROCAM® Bolt Tensioners:

  • Safe and secure
  • Optimized tightening of bolted assemblies
  • Time saving in tightening
  • Cost reduction in commissioning, tightening control and maintenance
Quick Connect Tensioner from Pilgrim: It’s 3 times faster than conventional bolt tensioners