High Pressure Hand Pump


Portable, rugged and precise, the Pilgrim High Pressure Hydraulic Hand Pump is suitable for installations where access, site conditions or lack of a suitable compressed air supply precludes the use of the MK10 Morpress air driven pump.

Pilgrim 2-stage hand pumps are available with a maximum working pressure of either 1600 bar or 2400 bar. Their compact, rugged construction and the use of high quality components ensures long, reliable and trouble free operation.

Normally supplied with a quick connect coupling on the pump outlet and suitable hose assembly, the Pilgrim Hand pump provides fast, reliable and convenient portable hydraulic power.


Max working pressure   1600 bar   2400 bar
Oil tank capacity   2.10 L   2.10 L
Usable Oil   1.7 L   1.7 L
Output per stroke   20/0.8 cm³   20/0.8 cm³
Weight   10kg   10kg