100 Vessels and Counting ! Evergreen Marine continue using Pilgrim Radial Fit Bolts

Dominic Dadamo
Marketing Admin


EVERGREEN MARINE in Taiwan (EMC) made the decision to place an order with Korean shipbuilding giant Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) in 2020.

After Previously showing and explaining to EMC how easy it is to install and remove Pilgrim’s Radial Fit Bolts, they made a conscious decision to standardize on hydraulically installed Radial Fit Bolts on the shaft line connections of all their newbuild vessels.

EMC awarded SHI (Korea) the build of 20 x 15,500 TEU Container ships.

Pilgrim was selected as the bolting manufacturer of choice for their newbuilds taking Pilgrim’s vessel tally with EMC to 100 Vessels


After months of negotiations and design work Pilgrim submitted a proposal, the scope was as follows:

Each vessel consisted of 20 off: 105mm Ø x 435mm & 12 off: 115mm Ø x 340mm RFB’s and 1 off Bolt tensioning kit and a hydraulic hand pump.


  • Reusable bolting solution
  • Bolt design with easy install and removal
  • Removal of uncertainty due to guaranteed quick removal of bolts
  • Using a proven technology with the Market leader.