Removing Uncertainty in the Marine Industry

Pilgrim Admin


EVERGREEN MARINE in Taiwan (EMC) faced problems in the past removing ‘Shrink Fit’ bolts from the tail-shaft of their container ships when they had to drydock for survey.

After showing and explaining to EMC how easy it is to install and remove our bolts, they made a conscious decision to standardize on hydraulically installed Radial Fit Bolts on the tail-shaft connection of all their new ‘owned’ vessels.

EMC awarded Imabari shipyard (Japan) the build of 10 off x 2800 container ships, 211m long and 32.8m wide.


In 2016 PILGRIM, together with HARADA (agent) presented the advantages of PILGRIM’s technical proposal using Hydraulically Installed Radial Fit Bolts for the tailshaft connections

Each vessel consisted of 12 off: 95mm Ø x 270mm & 12 off: 95mm Ø x 280mm RFB’s and 1 off Bolt tensioning kit and a hydraulic hand pump

As per the contract PILGRIM managed to deliver all 10 sets of bolts, on-time and to full contract requirements.


  • Reusable bolting solution
  • Bolt design with easy install and removal
  • Removal of uncertainty due to guaranteed quick removal of bolts
  • Using a proven technology with the Market leader.