Canadian Coast Guard Thank Pilgrim

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CCGS Sir Wilfrid Laurier is a Martha L. Black-class light icebreaker and major navaids tender of the Canadian Coast Guard. Built in 1986 by Canadian Shipbuilding at Collingwood, Ontario, Canada, she was the last ship constructed there. The ship has been based out of Victoria, British Columbia.

In January 2019 SEASPAN of Canada sent 3 corroded PN Nuts from the rudder of the Sir Wilfred Laurier to PILGRIM for refurbishment. Once received and inspected the nuts where condemned due to  advanced corrosion. Due to the urgency to get the ship back in operation PILGRIM worked to reverse engineer, manufacture and test the nuts all within 3 weeks.


3 off PILGRIM PN Nuts for rudder application of 270mm Ø x 7.5 ACME thread x 80mm width nuts with a Max load 262 tons force with 16mm stroke. With anti-corrosion coating with electroless nickel for rust prevention


  • Support legacy product
  • Reverse engineering solution
  • Quick turn around

Customer Testimonial

“It has been a pleasure working with you as well. The fact that we were able to pull this off in the time frame over the holidays was a attribute to great engineering support. The Coast Guard thanks you for your attention to detail and ensuring everything went off without a hitch. It is very comforting knowing we have suppliers, engineering support  and engineering support from people and companies like yours”.

Randy Morford, Chief Engineer CCGS SW Laurier