PECO Energy Align with Radial Fit Bolts

Pilgrim Admin


“PECO Energy has fitted PILGRIM Radial Fit Bolts and used the Coupling Hole Alignment Tooling at both Peach Bottom and Limerick Atomic Nuclear Generating Stations. The installation was performed by BFW Coupling Services on all of the PECO Units.

The Projects were well planned and executed to maximise the use of available time off the critical path. As a result both stations have greatly benefitted in time savings and the elimination of problems associated with conventional coupling bolts. We anticipate even greater time savings on future outages.

Furthermore, the PILGRIM bolts have greatly reduced the risk of serious injuries which we had experienced during the removal of standard coupling bolts, which had become seized / galled.

For these reasons we recommend both the PILGRIM products and the BFW Coupling Services to other Power Plants.”

Kevin J O’Dowd PECO Nuclear