Cost Effective Bolt Tensioning for Critical High Integrity Joints.

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NKMZ PJSC is an established producer of rolling-mill equipment and rolls, press and forging, mining, material handling, lifting and other heavy industrial equipment with unique engineering and manufacturing capabilities.This has made NKMZ a household name in Ukraine and one of the leading machine building manufacturers in Europe.

In July 2019 NKMZ approached PILGRIM for the supply of several sizes of  Hydraulically operated bolt Tensioners to support the installation of several high integrity joints critical to the performance of their machinery.


PILGRIM Standard Range HYDROCAM© HTA tensioners sizes:

  • M42
  • M56
  • M64
  • Spare seals
  • Morpress GHP Air operated hydraulic pump


  • Removal of galling when tightening.
  • Repeatable and high retained loads in the joint.
  • Safe and easy to use.
  • Standard tensioners from PILGRIMS HYDROCAM© Range