Helping Customers Get “Outage Ready”

Pilgrim Admin


Heysham is a nuclear power plant located in Lancashire, England and has two advanced gas cool reactors (AGR’s) and is operated by EDF ENERGY.

Heysham was first supplied by PILGRIM INTERNATIONAL LTD in the 1990’s recognizing the advantages of PILGRIMS Radial Fit bolt and Clamp bolt technologies to remove uncertainty when splitting of the steam turbine couplings.

In the fall of 2019 EDF’s Turbine Support Group saw PILGRIM’s “Are You Outage Ready? campaign and showed interested to see how this could support their business reduce unplanned costs.


PILGRIM has recognised the need and advantages for customers to be confident in their bolting installation equipment, ensuring its ready for use when called upon. PILGRIM designed a UK campaign called “Are You Outage Ready” to support Power Stations by offering free of charge  inspections of the Bolt Tensioning Kits and pumps. If required PILGRIM would refurbish, replace and calibrate and re-package original tools.

EDF decided to get 4 BTKs and 2 pumps overhauled.


  • Functioning equipment ready for an important outage.
  • Reduced risk of unplanned downtime and therefore unwanted costs.
  • Guaranteed safety for operator when using high pressure equipment