High Temperature Nuts for Gas Turbine Applications

Damian Lewis


GE in Switzerland has incorporated a structure within their turbines which supports multiple stator turbine vanes – aerofoils, which promote a smooth flow of gasses through the turbine, thereby improving overall machine thermal efficiency.

Hydraulic nuts were required to join the vane carrier – and GE came to PILGRIM INTERNATIONAL LTD seeking a standardized product providing high load capabilities under high temperatures (400 to 450 ˚C).


PILGRIM designed a range of Hydraulic Nuts with Collar locking feature, covering a size range M36 to M100 that remain in-situ in operation, using a specific high strength low alloy steel.  GE placed their first Order from this range in January 2019. Each M48 nut (98mm OD) can apply a working load of 481kN (that’s the weight of 35 Porsche 911’s!!) and temperatures in operation may reach 400 to 450 ˚C

Customer Benefits

  • High integrity fixing nut designed for high temp application
  • Standardized design
  • Easy installation with simple locking device.