Morgrip Bolt for Ship Pitch Blade Propeller

Pilgrim Admin


Escher Wyss controllable pitch propellers (CPP), provided by ANDRITZ Hydro, deliver outstanding performance for naval and coast guard vessels, mega yachts, and many other special application vessels.

In the 1970’s PILGRIM and Escher Wyss initiated a joint engineering activity for a controlled pitch blade propeller bolt for military applications. The concept was that the blades had to be designed so they could be removed without dry dock facilities, meaning they could be removed by a diving team allowing the military ships to be repaired in operation.


Application specific designed bolt installed into a blind hole, based upon the PILGRIM Morgrip principles to accommodate the forces, loads and subsea environment required to maintain joint integrity of the ships propeller.

Critical to the manufacturing process is the material selection, forging process and associated heat treatments and finally the thread profile and forming.

Installation tooling and Morpress air driven hydraulic pump.


  • Optimised design for maximum bolt performance
  • Corrosion resistant bolt, suitable for application
  • Easy to install & remove