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Connah’s Quay Power Station is a 1,420 MW gas-fired power station in Flintshire in north Wales. The current station is built on the site of a coal-fired power station. The old station was opened on the 16 September 1954 by Lord Citrine, the chairman of the British Electricity Authority.

In 2018 UNIPER, during an inspection could not turn the HP-IP/GT shaft, so called PILGRIM to assist with removal of previously supplied Radial Fit Bolts that were difficult to access because of position of the pedestal. Within 24 hrs, members of Pilgrim’s Service team were onsite and provided UNIPER with a safe and efficient removal process. UNIPER also requested that PILGRIM make a proposal for a permanent solution that could be used in restricted access areas.


Dual Bolt Tensioning Kit specifically designed to accommodate restricted space, allowing UNIPER the ability to removal all Radial Fit Bolts regardless of the shaft orientation. The kit consisted of:

Puller, Hydraulic Head, Removal bridge, Tensioning bridge, adjustable setting bridge and nut rotating ring, oil injection adaptor.


  • 24hr response to initial request for assistance
  • Bespoke design that can be used in all situations

Customer Testimonial

“As a single shaft Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Station, all shaft-line couplings were upgraded over a period of 5 years to Pilgrim fasteners. These fasteners have performed consistently since their installation and return each coupling to a concentric condition with minimal effort. During a recent inspection, emergent works necessitated the split of two couplings for further investigation. Unfortunately, it was not possible to turn the shaft and access to the one of the couplings is restricted due to the design of the pedestal. Our site team made contact with Pilgrim International Ltd. and a small team was rapidly mobilised to assist with the removal of the coupling bolts. The technical support provided was excellent and over the course of a day fasteners were removed and the investigation allowed to progress. Whilst onsite the team took dimensions to enable the design additional tooling to be utilised in the event of a future issue. Excellent service and technical support has been provided from first installation.”

Jeff Hughes: Steam Turbine Engineer (Connah’s Quay)

17th September 2018