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SOMERS FORGE a long established client of PILGRIM INTERNATIONAL LTD, are the MINISTRY OF DEFENCE’S preferred shaft line manufacturer for THE ROYAL NAVY vessels.

SOMERS FORGE contacted PILGRIM in January 2020 after gaining an order to refurbish a propulsor originally supplied by VSEL. The vessel in question is a Type 2400 diesel / electric submarine, currently in operation in the ROYAL CANADIAN NAVY and part of their Victoria Class of boats. SOMERS wanted a replacement hydraulic nut originally supplied by PILGRIM back in the 1990’s.


After some discussions and information swapping PILGRIM were able to propose a retrofitable Pilgrim Nut (PN2) made from aluminum bronze material, due to sea water environment. The PN nut works by hydraulically pushing a piston within the PN nut. This in turn drives the boats propeller up a tapered shaft, which is screw cut on the end, the PN nut bore is then normally screw cut on site to match, allowing the nut to screw on and stay insitu. SOMERS request was for PILGRIM to also provide the nut pre-screw cut.


  • Working directly with PILGRIM allows clients to have access to commercial and technical records since the 1970’s.
  • PILGRIM support legacy products allowing clients to maintain their assets with ease.