Radial Fit Bolts a Success at Louisa Power Plant (US)

Pilgrim Admin


Louisa Generating CF Power Plant thanks Pilgrim for supply of its Radial Fit Bolts and recognizes the long term benefits

“I would like to pass along my appreciation for the efforts you and your corporation put forth in meeting a tight delivery schedule for our coupling bolts. As you will recall we had discussed the bolting prior to the outage but did not place the order for the bolting until we had disassembled the couplings and in fact verified our suspicion of loose bolting. Your willingness to guarantee delivery, and then honouring it, during our outage schedule afforded us many options.

After watching the installation of the bolting I am quite sure they will continue to “pay for themselves” in the years to come with a more rigid connection and in reduced overhaul times. I believe you have a product which will gain acceptance as the US utility industry becomes increasingly competitive.”

Steve Brewer: Maintenance Superintendent at Louisa Generating Station