Radial Fit Bolts & CHAT help reduce outage times in India

Pilgrim Admin


When India successfully developed the nuclear technology to repair and upgrade its pressurised heavy water reactors (PHWR’s) and turbines, in particular the RAPS (Rajasthan Atomic Power Station 11) with its 201MW turbine, there was a decision to invest to extend the life of the PHWR stations.

Inspection of the turbine coupling bolt holes showed extensive damage resulting from repeated installation and removal of conventional coupling bolts, indicating ,considerable lost time during previous outages.

To prevent repeating this issue the Nuclear Corp of India specified PILGRIM Radial Fit Bolts and CHAT tools on the HP-LP!; LP1-LP2; LP2-Generator.


PILGRIM Radial Fit Bolts were selected for the coupling bolts. The Radial Fit Bolts have an outer sleeve with a tapered bore, the outer sleeve diameter is parallel, which expands when the bolt is hydraulically actuated to draw the taper shank bolt in to the matching sleeve, creating a true interference fit between the bolt sleeve and coupling. resulting in assembly in 10 minutes.

In addition the CHAT tool was purchased to assist with quick coupling alignment, resulting in accurate alignment within 15 minutes.


  • Reduced outage time
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Quick coupling alignment
  • Predictable bolt installation and removal.
  • Safe to install and remove
  • Re-usable bolting solution
  • No damage to coupling holes