Radial Fit Bolts for Quick and Repeatable Positioning

Pilgrim Admin


VOSPER THORNYCROFT is a UK company based in the South West of England with over 100 years of shipbuilding and latterly warship design and construction.

The Type 22 Frigate was initially intended to be anti-submarine warfare frigates as part of NATO contribution, the ships became general purpose warships. In the mid 1990’s the Royal Navy disposed of 5 off Type 22 Frigates selling them to the Brazilian Navy.

In 1999 PILGRIM were contacted by the Brazilian Navy Commission to provide a vertical axis  bolting solution for quick and accurate mounting and setting of the primary and secondary modules of reducing gear.


PILGRIM’S design consisted of a combination of Radial Fit Bolts and Clamp Bolts as follows:

  • 15 off Radial Fit Bolts Ø48mm x 170mm
  • 40 off Clamp Bolts Ø52mm x 170mm
  • 20 off Clamp Bolts Ø48mm x 170mm
  • 4 off Bolt tensioning kits
  • 1 off Morpress air driven hydraulic pump


  • Safe and easy to install and remove.
  • Repeatable positioning with high degree of accuracy
  • RFB’s assist with speedy hole alignment
  • Cost effective solution