SIEMENS Quantify Cost Savings

Pilgrim Admin


When asked to quantify their experiences of using PILGRIM’s Radial Fit Bolts SIEMENS in the UK had no hesitation and provided tangible benefits

“We have been requested by PILGRIM INTERNATIONAL LTD to confirm our experience with Radial Fit Coupling Bolts supplied By PILGRIM.

We have also been requested by Wolsung Station to advise of our experience with Radial Fit Bolts in technical discussions.

SIEMENS POWER GENERERATION Ltd (formally PARSONS POWER GENERATION LTD) consider that the use of Radial Fit Bolts provide significant savings in the time of disassembly and reassembly of couplings and also simplifies concentricity settings, thus minimising outage durations.

When splitting or rebuilding the turbines couplings, the time savings arising from reduced outage periods can more than cover the costs Radial Fit Bolting. Furthermore, they do not require the frequent bolt replacement and hole preparation as is the case with conventional fitted bolts.

These figures are based on our experience of using PILGRIM Radial Fit Bolts at a nuclear power plant in the UK. PILGRIM Radial Fit Bolts have been fitted to SIEMENS (PARSONS) Turbines at the following nuclear power stations: Hunterston B and Heysham 2 in the UK; Pickering, P1 Lepreau and Bruce A in Canada.

SIEMENS engineers and supervisors are fully familiar with PILGRIM products and would be pleased to assist you with the preparation and installation to ensure that you achieve the full benefit of the bolts, by arrangement we will provide coupling data and technical support to PILGRIM to ensure the Technical acceptability of the coupling bolts.

Mark Johnson: Contracts Manager SIEMENS POWER GENERATION LTD