World’s largest bearings for Deep Blue, uses HYDROCAM®

Damian Lewis


Deep-sea pipe laying at depths up to 2,500 m is a complex and potentially dangerous task requiring highly specialised skills and equipment.

One of the leaders in the field is Coflexip Stena Offshore, which operates a fleet of pipe laying vessels, including one of the world’s largest and most sophisticated purpose designed ships, the CSO Deep Blue. The CSO Deep Blue was designed to lay both rigid and flexible pipes, of various diameters, in a continuous operation, and is unique in its capacity to lay pre-welded rigid steel pipelines from a pair of huge reels, at the hub of which are rolling bearings contained in housings specially developed and manufactured by SKF, with PILGRIM’S HYDROCAM® bolt tensioners supplied and used to stretch the high tensile steel fixing studs; the stretch factor, or tensile stress, being set within the HYDROCAM® unit


Pilgrim HYDROCAM® supplied all custom design variants of the following units:

  • 3 x HTA130 M64 plus additional braces and sockets up to M72
  • 3 x HTA200 M80 plus additional braces and sockets op to M95
  • GHP10200/106 air driven hydraulic pump
  • Distribution blocks, hoses and spare seal kits


  • Easy to install and remove large studs and nuts
  • High integrity bolting with accurate retained loads.
  • Repeatability
  • Safe operation
  • Bundled offer with Bearing, Housings.