For Many Years Nuclear Fuel Power Plants have provided Clean Energy

Pilgrim have gained a great knowledge of the Nuclear Energy Sector over many years of providing Controlled Fastening and Tensioning Tools designed to ensure safe and quick installations that can be relied on. The emphasis on reliable and safe solutions become critical and at Pilgrim our passion is to remove uncertainty by designing clever and high quality solutions to ensure our clients reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of key assets.

What We Do

  • Repeatable and Re-usable Hydraulically Installed Bolting Solutions
  • Hydraulically operated Drive Up Systems
  • Bolt Tensioning Tools
  • Portable Hydraulic Power Units
  • On Site Services, In-situ Manchining, Training etc

Typical Applications

  • Steam Turbine / Generator Coupling Bolting
  • Pressure Vessel Lids
  • CRDM (Control Rod Drive Mechanism)
  • SG & PZR (Steam Generator & Pressurizer) Man Way Covers
  • Steam Turbine Case Closure bolting
  • Foundation Bolts
  • Slew Bearing Bolting