Bolt Tensioning Kit Box

At Pilgrim, we care that you get the right solution that lasts you the life time of your asset. Whether it’s an unplanned outage at a Combined Cycle Power Plant, a planned maintenance schedule, a ship’s dry docking or a coupling inspection at a Steel Mill, we want to ensure that your installation equipment is always available when needed.

Our new bespoke Bolt Tensioning Kits boxes are designed to be lightweight, portable and rugged for ease of use and to survive the intended environment.

In order to help locate stored equipment, each box comes with the possibility to add your own unique identification, such as the Power Plant name, Hull number or specific machinery details. Just let us know what is required at order placement stage and we will make it happen.

The interior, which is filled with engineered foam, has unique CNC routed pockets for each component protecting them in transit and in storage. Each pocket is coloured blue and contoured to the shape of the stored item. This allows for quick, visual, identification of any missing items.