Pilgrim’s Clampbolt is designed with budget in mind, whether its used in conjunction with the premium RadialFit Bolt design or alone we deliver you a high integrity and application specific tensioned bolt.

The ClampBolt is installed in a clearance condition and then hydraulically installed by stretching the bolt and manually tightening the nuts giving you a predetermined and optimised clamping force. 


  • Hydraulically installed to ensure safe and accurate tensioning.
  • Utilised Pilgrim’s Puller system to provide a bolting solution with no overhang.
  • High Integrity manufacture including full material traceability & weight balanced solutions
  • Unlike the Radial Fit Bolt, the Clamp Bolt design doesn’t require expensive hole preparation.
  • Blind or Thru hole options available
  • Optimised design to your specific coupling
  • Designed profile to reduce weight


  • All applications that require high integrity bolting.
  • Hole sizes 40mm dia plus.
  • Applications with restricted access