Hydraulic Pump Range

Pilgrim have developed a robust and high end range of pumps known as the MorPress Pump Range that are reliable and user friendly to ensure safe and accurate installation of your ydraulic products.

The range comes in three main options; Hand, Air or Electric Driven Pumps with a number of hoses and fixtures to ensure you have all that’s needed.


Hand Pump

MorPress Hand Driven Pump:  Portable, rugged and precise, the MorPress High Pressure Hydraulic Hand Pump is suitable for installations where access, site conditions or lack of a suitable compressed air supply / electricity precludes the use of the Mk12 MorPress air driven or electric pumps. Pilgrims’ MorPress 2-stage hand pump is available with a maximum working pressure of either 1600 bar or 2400 bar. The compact, rugged construction and the use of high quality components ensures long, reliable and trouble free operation. Normally supplied with a quick connect coupling on the pump outlet and suitable hose assembly, the MorPress Hand pump provides fast, reliable and convenient portable hydraulic power.

MorPress Mk12 Air Driven Pump:  Lightweight efficient, compact and easy to operate, the Mk12 MorPress Air Driven Pump provides instant and totally reliable hydraulic power. The pump utilises a low pressure air supply to generate a high pressure output.  This is achieved by means of a simple differential area system in which a large area air piston at low pressure produces high pressure on a small hydraulic piston. Simple air controls enables the Mk12 MorPress pump to provide any intermediate pressure required within the limits of the pump output range. (see table below for details of  our standard range) Both oil and air are filtered prior to entering the system. The Mk12 MorPress pump requires only two connections, one to the air supply, the other to the hydraulic output.  Simple and safe quick connect couplings and high pressure flexible hoses are used to connect the equipment being used.

The standard Mk12 MorPress Air Driven Pump comprises of:

  • Air pressure regulator
  • Air pressure gauge
  • Air filter
  • Air lubricator
  • On/off control valve
  • Oil reservoir
  • Air/Oil intensifier unit
  • Oil return to tank valve
  • Pressure relief safety valve
  • Oil filled pressure gauge with damping


MorPress Electric Driven Pump: Please contact us for further details