Hydraulic Locking Nut

Pilgrim’s Hydraulically installed Locking Nut are a combined tensioner and nut designed to remain in-situ following installation. If your need is to join coupling faces with integrity, predictability and speed or want to remove the possibility of galling, then this Pilgrim solution is ideal. You can either select from our standard range or if required we can create bespoke solutions.

The Advantages

  • Fast and accurate with bolt load accuracy above 95% compared to typical torque wrench at much lower 55% accuracy.
  • No Heavy tools required
  • Direct Axial Load, ensuring no threads are turned under load (No Galling)
  • Available in High and Low temperature variants
  • On a typical application with 24 off 70mm dia. nuts the average install time with a torque wrench is 10 hours compared to 2hrs with Pilgrim’s Locking Nuts.

Typical Applications

  • Steam and Gas Turbines
  • Mining Equipment.
  • Reactor Heads
  • Man-way Covers
  • Pumps