An Industry where innovation, reliability of design and product performance are all critical.

At Pilgrim, we understand the demands of supplying critical solutions through many years of designing and providing controlled bolting and tensioning solutions for the Defense Sector. The need for innovation, confidentiality and full traceability are at the heart of how we work. Pilgrim have the knowledge to provide high integrity solutions in critical applications, especially in Surface Ship and Nuclear Submarines providing repeatability, reusable, safe and easy to use solutions.

What We Do

  • Drive Up Systems for Rudderstock, Tillers and Pintles
  • Hydraulically Installed Bolt Systems
  • Bolt Tensioning Equipment
  • Hydraulic Power Pumps

Typical Applications

  • Reactor Pressure Vessel Lids
  • Aft and Forward Hydroplanes
  • Rudders and Fins
  • Slewing Bearing Bolting
  • Drive Shafts
  • Foundation bolting
  • Pitch Blade Propellers