Pilgrims’ Hydraulically Actuated Dowel Assembly is designed for accurate location of adjacent equipment on rotating and static applications for blind holes 30mm Ø plus.

Preparation of holes for the fitting of parallel or taper dowels can be time consuming. The Pilgrim Hydraulic Dowel design removes the issue of stuck and difficult to remove conventional dowels, damaging holes resulting in re-machining and oversize dowels. The Pilgrim Dowel is fitted or removed in a clearance fit and then using hydraulics the shaft taper is drawn up the matching taper in the sleeve, which in turn is expanded creating a known interference fit.


  • Quick and Easy to install remove
  • One time investment (reusable)
  • Accurate repeatability
  • No Hole Damage

Typical Applications

  • Marine Propulsion Flange
  • Gear Box Mounting
  • Thrust Blocks
  • Rotating Flanges