HYDROCAM®: Customized adapted tensioners

Customized adapted tensioners

Pilgrim’s design department is at your disposal to study any required modifications of standard tensioners to make them fit on your bolted assemblies or to make them tension together in simultaneous tightening of your application.

We can easily adapt the following components of the tensioner to fit your size and accessibility constraints ‘see the image below) :- the brace- the skirt- the socket- the reaction nut. The examples of customized parts shown below portray only a small portion of what can be done – the possibilities are endless.   customized parts

Main advantages of Pilgrim HYDROCAM® Bolt Tensioners:

  • No torsion stress in the bolt
  • High precision of tightening preload 
  • Fast, safe and easy operation
  • Integrity and reliability of threads and bearing surfaces are maintained
  • Tightening and measuring operations can be partially or fully automated

Benefits of Pilgrim HYDROCAM® Bolt Tensioners:

  • Safe and secure
  • Optimized tightening of bolted assemblies
  • Time saving in tightening
  • Cost reduction in commissioning, tightening control and maintenance