Pilgrim Nuts


The Pilgrim hydraulic Nut has become the Marine Industry standard tool for fitting propellers, providing a quick, safe and cost-effective installation solution. It is also used extensively for tiller, rudder and stabiliser applications where precise high loading is required.

The hydraulic pressure required by the Pilgrim Nut is provided by the MK10 Morpress air driven pump. When pressure is applied, the piston of the Pilgrim Nut extends, pushing the propeller or rudder up the tapered shaft. The applied pressure and travel of the piston correspond to the required push-up distance of the application.

As well as by oil injection techniques, removal of propellers and rudders can be simplified by reversing the Pilgrim Nut and using Pilgrim withdrawal equipment to pull the propeller or rudder off the taper.

The design principle of the Pilgrim Nut is universally accepted and approved by all major Classification Societies.

* Special designs also available for each product type

Large Pilgrim Nut Pilgrim Nut Shim Type Pilgrim Nut LRL Type
Standard sizes PN1 to PN20
(200 to 675 mm) bore
Standard sizes M36 to M220 Standard sizes M36 to M100




Specials can be designed with:

  • Modified ports
  • Modified nut body
  • Modified threads
  • Special coatings/platings
  • High pressure application
  • Special materials
  • Modified load rings


  • Fully class approved
  • Cost effective installation & removal
  • Reliable operation
  • Controlled and accurate loading